1 June 2014 r. started new program of the European Commission Erasmus , covering the period 2014-2020. It replaced the seven pre-existing EC programs in education and training and has introduced a number of simplifications in the process of applying for funds.

For the duration of the Erasmus , The European Commission granted the School of Management in Gdansk Higher Education Erasmus Charter (the so-called. ECHE). Card entitles you to use of European funds for the exchange of students and teachers as well as student internships and training of workers, including administration.

Within the framework of the Erasmus program Higher education will be possible student mobility:

  • in order to complete part of their studies in foreign universities;
  • for an internship in a foreign company.

Moreover, in the framework of the Erasmus Programme are possible trips academic staff and administrative staff of the university.

The commencement of the exchange is the signing of an interinstitutional agreement between the partner institutions. For its preparation is the responsibility of university coordinator.

Rates scholarship

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If you are interested in going under the Erasmus program and want to experience the adventure of a lifetime do not wait, just contact us!

Institutional Coordinator
Agnieszka Kicior
tel.: 58 769 08 11
fax: 58 769 08 19

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