Winning Educational Conference of cancer - support and education for health

During the conference, “Winning against cancer - support and education for health”, held 12 October 2013 The, eminent specialists particular attention sacrificed outside of a pharmacological methods to support people living with cancer. Co-organizer of the conference Danuta Stopińska (psychologist) stressed, that it is important to, to patients created their own individual strategy to fight cancer, which is of great importance in the process of treatment. The most important is the patient's extensive knowledge on the disease, which allows him to fight the disease from the inside - your soul, the heart and the right attitude to the world around them.
You could also listen to uplifting speeches of, that they. in. due to their attitude toward the disease won the battle with cancer.
Instances of all speakers aroused great curiosity gathered audience.

The second part of the conference to take advantage of free, individual consultations with specialists – oncologist, physiotherapist, Nutritionist, psychologist. The consultation attracted a large turnout. In addition, the conference guests and students benefit from free spirometry.

Conference on TVP Gdańsk (about 8 my. 54 sek.)

Conference “Winning against cancer - support and education for health” held 12 October 2013 r. in hours 11:00-16:00.

Venue: School of Management in Gdansk, Gdańsk-Żabianka, st. Pelplińska 7

Details of the conference

The conference was organized: University Cancer Hospice Foundation operated in, Committee on Social Affairs and Health of the City of Gdansk and the School of Management in Gdansk.

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