Conference "socially sensitive" about volunteering for animals, 26 May 2014 r.

26 May in the School of Management in Gdansk conference "socially sensitive" about volunteering for animals.

The conference was opened by Dr. Zaneta Geryk - Councillor of the City of Gdansk - Vice-President of Social Affairs and Health.
The conference program was quite extensive and moving issues with assistance to homeless or suffering to animals. The need to care for the animals closer Beata Dunajewska - Chairwoman of the Committee of Social Affairs and Health.
During the conference, you could also learn, What is the main objective of the social carers cats, and also mentioned the implementation in Gdansk Law on the Protection of Animals, identification of dogs and cats sterilization and castration must inhabiting.
Among the guests was a young Pomeranian School of Crafts and the many volunteers, who talked about their experiences and they help provide homeless cats. They were touching stories, which provided much food for thought.

In the second part of the conference was an official presentation of the medal, and awards from the hands of the Mayor of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz for the volunteers group of cats, and for the most active volunteers from the shelter "Ray".
During the conference there was an excellent atmosphere, during which the speaker was also Mayor of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz and Vice President Maciej Lisicki.
The conference ended with a panel discussion turbulent, during which various issues raised m. in. purchase and distribution of cottages for cats not inhabiting.

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