Dietetics – nowość!

Jesteśmy jedyną wyższą, non-public university in Pomerania leading degree in Dietetics!

Department of Physiotherapy and Health Sciences cordially invites you to a new field of study and degree - Dietetics!

Today, we observe an increase in interest in proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. At the same time data on the incidence of cardiovascular disease and obesity, whose cause is improper nutrition are worrying. Concerned about the health of the population increasingly taken are broad prophylactic measures, obejmujące również zagadnienia odżywiania. This results in a growing demand for specialists in the field of dietetics. Knight dietitian combines nutrition counseling and competence of the therapist and food technologist.

By taking a degree in dietetics gain expertise in the area of ​​medical sciences, health sciences and physical education. With us you have mastered Planning rational nutrition for people of all ages, healthy and sick, composition and preparation of dishes included in the individual diet according to the adopted classification Food and Nutrition Institute, and also learn to evaluate the nutritional status, feeding and recognize malnutrition.

Studiuj dietetykę, jeśli posiadasz zdolność empatii, jesteś konsekwentny, forgiving and discreet. We place great emphasis on the transfer of expertise in the field of human nutrition and health of the patient and the technology of preparing meals, as well as the implementation of the practical implementation of the profession of dietetics and development w / the personality traits.

We attach great importance to the implementation of practical and professional practices. Combining gain practical knowledge of the theoretical, We equip you with the skills needed in the labor market. Gromadząc wysoce wykwalifikowaną kadrę, stwarzamy niepowtarzalną okazję, to learn from the best experts.

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