Apprenticeships in the direction of a dietitian are an integral part of their studies and prepare students for independent tasks in the profession of dietetics. The experience gained during the practice enables the student to deepen the acquired theoretical knowledge and helps in making the choice of future jobs.


  • after determining the place of practice, Students receive a contract and referral practice to selected outlets. In order to receive documents, should be reported to the Office of Career Services by e-mail or in person – opening hours.
  • at the end of practice, students provide to the Office of Career signed by an authorized member of staff documentation to verify the implementation of practices (tj. Agreement and Official Practice).
  • students can receive credit practices, in whole or in part, if you provide proof of professional experience or economic activity, which corresponds to the program practices for the nutritionist. On the same basis, you can receive credit for a paid internship, płatnej praktyki, wolontariatu bez względu na to, czy odbywały się one w kraju czy za granicą. The documentation attached to the application must be submitted to the Dean's Office or Career.

Information about the realized practice is placed in the Diploma Supplement.
Terms practice is on page.

Dimension practice each semester, and a description of, in which the practice should be carried out, is in tabeli.

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